The institutes where the postgraduate education activities are carried out are the units where the teaching staff of the universities are raised. The value given to the institutes, the resources transferred, the opportunities provided will directly affect the scientific level of the academicians. Post-graduate education also includes informationneeded in whole life for those outside the university. Academic levels of universities are measured by the capacity and scientific activities of the Institute.


The augmented graduate programs and quotas with this awareness, the secientific researches we will conduct intensively in local, national and global fields, advanced research projects in increasing the science and technological capacity of our country, in developing collaboration between the university and the industry, with the projects to be developed for the efficient evaluation of the resources allocated to science and technology taking into consideration the fact that the universities are the pioneers in the research and development activities, we are continuing our activities by offering concrete solutions to the problems and putting them into practice and providing the function of producing science of our university by carrying out our postgraduate studies with the projects developed for practice working on university-public-private sector joint R & D activities and projects at the  local -regional-national-international level.



The main aim of our Institute is to educate graduate students who continue their studies in the branches of the institute to gain the ability to access, evaluate, deeply interpret and criticize new syntheses by doing scientific research. It is supported by our institute that vocational and foreign language knowledge can add success in the future goals of the student. It is also one of our goals that our students with postgraduate education will be able to take a broad vision of all the branches of science as well as their own fields of study.


Today, the Institute of Social Sciences are of great importance in that the universities can gain the identity of research university. In particular, our Institute supports the projects, which will ensure the standard of living of the society we are in, and which may have a say in world science and technology applications. From the same point of view, our Institute also supports the students who may be in the effort of preparing joint projects with industry and other sectors.


Our goal is to create a program that fosters interdisciplinary researchers who will increase the competitiveness of the country in the international and advanced world, and educate teaching staff for young universities of our country and professional researchers with superior capabilities for the community. Our institute aims to educate the qualified students who have absorbed the values of the information society, provide with graduates to be the academicians with scientific quality and employers, and individuals who are sought after in the labor market.

Last Update Date: 19 October 2018, Friday